We offer a variety of services in CAD/CAM. With the help of the Siemens NX CAD/CAM system, we can manufacture 3D models and carry out various programming services. This is something that we have many years of experience with. In addition, we can also create technical drawings for our customers


We offer services in 3D Scanning. With our equipment Creaform HandySCAN Black Elite, we can offer measurement and verification services on finished products. We can also create a solid 3D model by scanning an existing product. As this is a portable equipment, scanning can be done on site at the customer.


With our Markforged Mark Two, we can offer 3D-Printing with fiber reinforcement. Continuous Fiber Reinforcement, CFR. This means that you can 3D-Print products with high strength and good chemical resistance. Also a relatively high temperature resistance. Strengths corresponding to Aluminum can be achieved with the help of carbon fiber reinforcement.


In our machinery park we can carry out virtually all mechanical processing such as serial production or prototypes according to your wishes. Our machinery is equipped with four CNC lathes and three CNC milling machines. In addition, we have more traditional machines such as keyway cutters, milling machines, lathes, surface grinders and boring machines. In addition to the equipment already mentioned, we also have balancing equipment for e.g. crankshafts and other rotating objects. We also have welding equipment such as TIG AC/DC & MIG & MAG. Thanks to our experience in mechanical processing and manufacturing, we can adapt to each individual customer.


We are very knowledgeable in CNC technology and can offer programming and support services. This includes, for example, the running-in and commissioning of both machines and products. This is done at your location. We are used to handling control systems such as Siemens, Heidenhein and Fanuc.




We have many years of experience in everything relating to engine overhaul and engine update, which we carry out in our own machine shop. Here we offer, among other things, cylinder boring of engine blocks and honing of cylinders. In addition, we are able to carry out a complete cylinder head reconditioning.

Drag racing

We have many years of racing experience in ProMod racing. We can therefore offer you tuning advice.

We can manage your engine overhaul. We also offer you roots blower update and service. We also manufacture driveshafts for race cars.